Buying a Baby Car Seat

Buying a Baby Car Seat

baby-car-seatThere are really numerous kinds of child car seats available, so take your time when selecting.

The child car seat you choose, must:

  • Conform to the United Nations standard, ECE Regulation 44.04 (or R 44.03) or to the new i-size regulation, R129. Search for the ‘E’ mark label on the seat.
  • Be appropriate for size and your kid’s weight
  • Be accurately fitted in accordance with the directions of the maker.

Before you Purchase

  • Check the Types section of the web site to see what kind of seat is appropriate for the kid’s weight and stature.
  • Take time to look through the catalogs and sites of manufacturer, and stores that sell child car seats to evaluate a variety of seats.
  • Magazines, like “Which?”, “What Car” and “Mom and Infant” actions evaluations of child car seats and provide useful recommendations.
  • Check the European New Car Assessment Programme (EURO NCAP) web site ( to see if your automobile version was analyzed. The evaluations comprise a Child Restraint System setup test where a variety of kid restraints that are popular is installed to evaluate how well they are able to be fitted in the vehicle. If possible, select a child seat that’s scored well in their own evaluations.
  • Consider how you may use the seat. As an example, if you are going to be always taking it in and from a lighter weight seat, the automobile, or a seat with a foundation that remains in the car, might be preferable. A seat that reclines may be more comfortable to your child and help him or her slumber, if you are doing lots of long journeys.
  • Check the seat(s) you’re considering will fit your automobile(s).

When Purchasing

  • Ask the retailer if the child seat works for auto and your kid. Attempt to locate one who’ll enable you to attempt the seat in your car before you purchase it.
  • Inquire whether they have staff trained in fitting and selecting child car seats, and make an effort to make sure a staff member who continues to be trained advises you.
  • If that is extremely hard, make sure you replace it or get a refund, if it’s not appropriate, and can return the seat.
  • Unless you might be sure it’s suited to your kid avoid purchasing a child seat online or by mail order and will fit your automobile.
  • Check the seat fulfills the United Nations regular Regulation 44.04 – look for the ‘E’ mark or it matches the new i-size standard (R129).

Second Hand Baby Seats

  • Tend not to purchase a secondhand seat, you cannot be sure of its history (it may happen to be involved with an injury) and even if it seems good, it may have internal damage that isn’t observable to the naked eye. The teachings in many cases are lost with second hand seats.
  • Secondhand seats will likely be not designed to present standards and old. What this means is that they’ll provide less protection on your kid.
  • Just take a child seat from a member of the family or pal, if you’re completely sure that you understand its history, it includes the initial directions and it’s also too young.

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