Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Daisy Greene King, and Mummy’s Discounts is my own little space on the web where I post all about my life as a single parent born and bred in the UK. On my blog you will find many different kinds of posts. Some will be about my family life, others will be tricks and tips about parenting that I’ve learned along the way (and trust me, nobody has written a manual… yet). There will also be a few tidbits including posts about discounts, offers and deals that can be blagged as a new parent.

Parenting will probably be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life when you look back in your dying days. Athough it might seem like a bit of a struggle now, the key is to embrace it because there will be a last time for everything. There will be a last nappy change, a last walk to school, a last play in the paddling pool, and eventually a last time that your children will call our home, their home. Don’t wish your and your children’s lives away… read the information on this website that will hopefully help you if you’re struggling.


Daisy Greene


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